Euro Diesel EN590

The mineral diesel fuel is a product of the distillation of petroleum at temperature between 200 °C and 360 °C at atmosphere pressure. Its chemical components are carbon chains, which usually contain between 8 and 21 carbon atoms in each molecule. It is designed for burning in diesel internal combustion engines in all kinds of self-propelled vehicles. The content of sulphur cannot be more than 10 mg/kg.

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Gas oil for non-road vehicles

Gas oil is liquid fuel of petroleum origin. It is characterised by at least 65 percentage of its volume is distilled at 250 °C and accordingly at least 85% recovery at 350°С. It is designed for stationary combustion installations for industrial and communal purposes in accordance with application. Gas oils are used for propulsion of all kinds of non-road vehicles, machinery, inland waterways ships, and recreational craft. The sulphur content cannot be more than 10 mg/kg.

tech specs (PDF)